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Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Little Pre VD Quiz

My baby cuz and I got the same thing. I'm thinking it was the Reese's Cup answer that did it.

Your Candy Heart Says "Get Real"

You're a bit of a cynic when it comes to love.
You don't lose your head, and hardly anyone penetrates your heart.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: is all about the person you're seeing (with no mentions of v-day!)

Your flirting style: honest and even slightly sarcastic

What turns you off: romantic expectations and "greeting card" holidays

Why you're hot: you don't just play hard to get - you are hard to get


  • At 5:49 PM, February 18, 2006, Blogger Bonnie said…


    Maybe so!

    Sorry I didn't see you'd done updates to your blog any sooner. My Rojo feed says your feed is broken. Bleh! Damn technology is not my friend this month.



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