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Sunday, November 26, 2006

First and Last

The Firsts...

1. First real best friend
Bill Emeott.

2. First school
Mrs. Hendry's Kindergarten.

3. First cell phone
I have no idea what make it was, but it was big and bulky.

4. First funeral
Probably my grandfather's when I was 5. Don't remember it, but I'm sure I was there. First that I remember was his mother's funeral when I was about 10.

5. First pet
Fuzzy - an orange tabby cat that really belonged to my brother, but he shared.

6. First big trip
Before I was born to Los Angeles - Disneyland. After I was born - to somewhere in Tennessee. My Dad worked for an airline, so there were a lot of trips - big and small.

7. First fight
I'm a lover, not a fighter.

8. First celebrity crush
Either Donny Osmond or Bobby Sherman

9. First time out of the country
Germany, Austria and Switzerland when I was 20.

10. First job
Sales clerk at Rich's department store

11. First car
1963 Fire Engine Red Chevrolet Corvair

12. First myspace friend
My sister-in-law Carrina

And The Lasts...

13. Last person you hugged
My nephew Reid

14. Last car ride
Home from Circuit City yesterday.

15. Last time you cried
At work last week.

16. Last movie you watched
I can't remember. I think maybe it was Walk the Line on HBO.

17. Last food you ate
Thanksgiving leftovers - some turkey, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes.

18. Last item bought
Digital camera from Circuit City

19. Last shirt worn
A grey t-shirt that is getting way too big for me, but is just so comfy

20. Last phone call
To my Mom and Dad

21. Last text message
I don't type with my thumbs. Last one received was from Ali wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving.

22. Last thing you touched
Uhmm - that would be the keyboard as I typed this. Before the computer, probably the Tivo remote

23. Last funeral

24. Last time at the mall
A few months ago - like maybe July, when my Mom and I went to buy a new bed at the Sleep Number Store. I use to work at the mall. I hate the mall.

25. Last time you were excited for something
Currently excited about an upcoming trip to London.

26. Last person you saw
My next door neighbor Tammi out in the yard with her puppies.

27. Last thing you drank
A Diet Coke

28. Last time you were really honestly happy?
Dang - that's really sad that I can honestly not remember. I need to work on that.