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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Joni's Pet Peeve of the Day

What is it about a For Sale sign in front of a house that makes people illiterate?

I am currently trying to sell my house so I can buy another one. A dear friend of mine is a real estate agent and he has my house listed, complete with instructions on both the listing information and the sign in the front yard that says, "Shown by Appointment Only." Apparently, some non-real estate agent people read that to mean - "OK to peak in the windows." I can not tell you the number of times I'm been sitting in my den, in some cases - not fully clothed - and I sort of feel like somebody's watching me (woo hoo - 80's song reference!) and as I turn toward the windows that are next to my front door - I see that there are idiots looking in on me. They never seem startled or embarrassed to have been caught, and they continue to look at me as I begin to sink lower and lower into my easy chair. Oddly, they always appear to be either Asian or Latino - don't know why, maybe they couldn't read the sign - but it would seem to me that in any language or culture, it would be considered rude to peep through people's windows at them while they are watching Tivo in their PJs.

While I might be willing to give some non-English reading, non-real estate professionals a break on this, the people I really want to strangle are the real estate agents that think that having a key to a lock box is their invitation to go into any house they want to, at any time they want to. Now maybe I'm spoiled, but my friend and real estate agent Scott is like the most professional agent anywhere. Scott would never just go into someone's home all willy-nilly. (There are some things Scott would do all willy-nilly, but that is for another post, another time.) Aside from being a professional, Scott wouldn't want to be shot by some homeowner that thinks they are being broken into.

But not these other idiots. I've had calls from my alarm company that my alarm is going off and they are sending the police, only to find some idiot agent has broken in while I'm at work. And then, they have the nerve to act all mad about that. Like I did something wrong. One even had the nerve to leave a message for Scott, fussing at him for what happened. When Scott reminded him that it was "By Appointment Only" this mental giant advised that he rang the door bell and no one answered, so he figured it was OK to break in so what was the big deal? Scott told him that aside from the INSTRUCTIONS telling you to make an appointment - maybe the house was not currently suitable to be shown (i.e. - house is messy, bed not made, underwear in the floor). Or, I could have been in the shower, or having sex (hahaha) or maybe even didn't feel like having company so I didn't answer. Either way, he was lucky he wasn't shot or attacked by dogs, cause you never know what you're gonna find when you break into someone's home unannounced.

So, hopefully, we'll get this baby sold before the new one is ready, and hopefully, no stupid house hunters or real estate agents will be killed or mauled in the process.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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